April 08, 2022

Following months of developments, testing, and field trials, Tremco CPG Asia Pacific’s (APAC) newest hybrid sealant, SP623, is now available for sale across the APAC region. 

Hybrid technology has enabled Tremco CPG to produce a range of sealants and adhesives which combine many of the benefits of traditional sealant technologies whilst eliminating the disadvantages. This green technology is extremely versatile and lends itself to a host of construction applications. 

Tremco CPG’s latest development is SP623, a highly adaptable one component, non-sagging sealant based on hybrid polymers that is manufactured in the Tremco CPG plant in Asan, Korea. SP623 lends itself to the following applications: 

  • Vertical Joints up to 50mm wide
  • Joints with an anticipated movement of up to +/-25%
  • Excellent unprimed adhesion to most common building substrates 
  • Non-staining of sensitive substrates
  • Excellent UV resistance and weathering characteristics
  • Horizontal applications subject to light foot traffic
  • General bonding of common construction materials including mirrors. 
  • Good for use in security/non-pick applications 
  • Paintable
  • Economical

In addition, SP623 possesses high tensile strength and a higher movement accommodation factor compared to other hybrid sealants. For the Asian market, SP623 is a suitable and economical alternative for projects with high heat and humid application conditions. 

Stuart Wakeham, Business Development Director - Buildings, explains, “SP623 complements our existing sealant and glazing portfolio, and helps to fill the gap in our product range as a competitively priced sealant and adhesive for general construction use.”

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