Tremco Construction Products Group is committed to supplying sustainable materials for the built environment. Our innovative products provide construction professionals with high performing solutions that improve the building’s life cycle, which reduces demolition waste going to landfill.

Many of Tremco CPG’s construction chemicals carry environmentally friendly certification (such as Singapore Green Label) due to their low VOC formulations which contribute to the improvement of Indoor Air Quality.

Some of our sustainability initiatives include:

Recycled Content

Flowcrete's Mondéco Crystal epoxy terrazzo system contains up to 70% recycled glass, and our Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms consist of two panels of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam that are connected together with our patented web system that is made of 100% recycled material.

Improvement of Building Efficiency

Nudura’s ICFs and Dryvit’s EIFS improve energy efficiency, while Tremco’s sealants are designed to create an airtight barrier from the elements. Combined with roofing products that provide a reflective white rooftop finish that lowers internal temperatures, Tremco CPG helps construct more efficient buildings.

Sustainable Raw Materials

Several of our key products contain sustainably conscious components, such as our Flowfresh antimicrobial flooring range and Alphaguard BIO liquid applied roofing system that contain varying levels of rapidly renewable raw materials.

Low VOC, Solvent-Free

We use solvent-free products where possible, and many of our solutions are compliant with modern Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) standards, ensuring that they are safe to install and improve indoor air quality for the building occupants.

Regional Manufacture

Many of our products are manufactured in our facilities across Asia Pacific, including Korea, Malaysia, and Australia. This not only reduces lead times, but cuts down on CO2 created by transportation emissions.

Singapore Green Label

Many of our solutions, including Flowcrete’s resinous floor coating systems, have been certified as “environmentally friendly” by internationally recognised certification programs such as Singapore Green Label.

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Tremco CPG is committed to supplying sustainable materials for the built environment.

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