Construction Solutions for Car Parks

offers specification professionals working on the design of new-build or refurbishment car park structures a range of deck coating solutions, repair materials and fire protection solutions to choose from. Refurbishment projects can benefit from utilising Tremco CPG APAC’s extensive range of repair products to transform old parking areas direct from one supplier, with one point of contact and under one manufacturer’s warranty.

Traffic Deck Systems

  • expand_less Deckshield ID

    A hard-wearing, pigmented, polyurethane-based deck coating system for internal slabs subject to regular vehicular traffic.

    The coating system provides a reliable solution for busy multi-storey car parking environments.

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  • expand_less Deckshield ID VHTM

    Deckshield ID VHTM is a heavy duty version of our deck coating system for enclosed car park levels.

    This extra hard wearing solution makes it ideal for use in heavy use turning circles and drive ways.

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  • expand_less Deckshield LBD

    A polyurethane (PU) traffic coating system that is designed for application in lowest basement car park levels where high levels of moisture can be an issue.

    The coating system incorporates a technically advanced moisture barrier that controls the dissipation of moisture vapour from the ground.

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  • expand_less Deckshield ED Rapide

    A methyl methacrylate (MMA) car park deck coating system that provides a flexible, watertight, hard wearing surface for exposed decks.

    The flexibility and UV stability of this system makes it ideal to cope with the demands of busy exposed car park decks and helipads.

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  • expand_less Deckshield UV Linemarker

    Deckshield UV Linemarker is a complimentary product for creating demarcation and signage on the surface of the floor.

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Concrete Products

  • expand_less EUCO Diamond Hard

    EUCO Diamond Hard is a liquid densifier and reactive sealer that dust-proofs and improves the surface density, durability, and abrasion resistance of concrete surfaces.

    It is a low cost option for sealing concrete floors in car parks and loading bays.

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  • expand_less VersaSpeed M

    VersaSpeed M is a versatile, single-component, self-leveling rapid strength gaining cementitious repair mortar for horizontal repair projects. Requiring only the addition of water, VersaSpeed M is a low-shrinkage, high early strength material that is easy to use for fast turn-around projects.

    Repaired areas may be open to standard tire traffic after 5 hours following the final set.

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  • expand_less Eucopatch 20

    A single component, polymer modified, cementitious repair mortar designed for re-constructing damaged vertical and overhead concrete and masonry structures.

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  • expand_less Surflex

    Surflex is an economical concrete floor hardener recommended for both interior and exterior use.

    It consists of a quartz-silica mixture of finely graded non-metallic aggregates, plasticizer and cement binder.

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Sealants (Joints <25mm)

  • expand_less Dymonic 100

    Dymonic 100 is a versatile sealant for expansion and control joints, precast concrete panel joints, perimeter caulking (windows, doors, and panels), aluminum, and masonry.

    It is a high performance, medium-modulus, low-VOC, UV stable, non-sag polyurethane sealant.

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  • expand_less illbruck SP523

    illbruck SP523 is a one component hybrid sealant for facades. It has non-sag properties as well as high adaptability to high temperatures and humid environments, as well as excellent UV resistance, durability and weatherability.

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  • expand_less Tremco SG300

    A single-component, neutral cure silicone sealant for 2-sided structural glazing, and can be used for Curtain Walling (included cap, toe, heel and air seals), general sealing/jointing, silicone structural glazing (in 2 sided systems), weather seal in butt (2 sided) and stopless (4 sided) glazing systems, and sealing joints within curtain/window systems.

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  • expand_less Tremco SG555

    A premium grade weather seal with a movement accommodation of +/- 50%.

    Designed for use as a weather seal sealant in applications where a high degree of joint movement is anticipated such as in structurally glazed curtainwall or aluminium cladding.

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  • expand_less Vulkem 45SSL

    A traffic rated, pourable, semi-self-leveling sealant with exceptional primerless adhesion and movement capability. It is suitable for continuous immersion in non-chlorinated water.

    The Vulkem 45SSL technology provides the sealant with greater UV resistance and will not outgas.

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  • expand_less TREMflex 50

    TREMflex 50 is a low modulus, single-component (moisture curing), polyurethane joint sealant. The sealant has a 50% joint movement capability. It has good gunning, tooling and cure characteristics over a wide temperature and humidity range.

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Waterproofing & Roofing

  • expand_less TREMproof PU 300

    TREMproof PU300 is an elastomeric liquid applied hybrid PU Acrylic based waterproof coating formulated to give long-lasting, maintenance free and superior waterproofing protection for concrete substrates.

    Designed for waterproofing or vapour barrier protection of foundation and basements.

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  • expand_less TREMproof Amphibia

    A self-healing and self-repairing sheet waterproofing membrane that features three active layers to keep a watertight barrier.

    Designed for use over lagging on blindside walls, below grade walls, pile caps, grade beams, under slab, and buried forms such as elevator pits.

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  • expand_less TREMproof FBM

    A pre-applied, fully bonded HDPE waterproofing membrane provides a complete barrier to water, moisture, and gas.

    For waterproofing of all below grade concrete applications.

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  • expand_less TREMproof 201/60

    TREMproof® 201/60 is a high-solids, VOC compliant, modified polyurethane waterproofing membrane suitable for waterproofing in plaza decks, roof terraces, pedestrian concourses, podiums, parking garages, planter boxes, backfilled walls, basement walls and split slabs.

    Applied primarily on concrete and masonry.

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  • expand_less Vandex AM10

    Vandex AM10 is an integral crystalline waterproofing admixture that is incorporated into the concrete mix design.

    Suitable for above- and below grade applications such as foundations and basements in car parking structures.

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  • expand_less Vandex Super

    A cementitious crystalline waterproofing compound that provides a permanent barrier against the ingress of water.

    Can be applied to existing concrete as a slurry via brush or spray, or dry sprinkled onto fresh concrete slabs.

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Fire Protection

A fast-track one-coat, low VOC, high-build, hybrid intumescent coating with a fire rating of up to 120 minutes used for on-site application of structural steel.

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