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Speed and safety are often the biggest challenges when constructing a new or improving an existing bridge. Such mega projects require a great deal of innovative materials to extend the life span of the structure ranging from bridge deck waterproofing and concrete repair, to surface water drainage and expansion joints.


  • expand_less Pitchmastic PmB

    PmB forms a flexible, chemically resistant seamless membrane tough enough to outlast the design of many structures. PmB has exceptional bond strength to all commonly used substrates, has excellent crack bridging capability, and a life expectancy in excess of 30 years.

    PmB is suitable for bridge applications where spray application equipment can be used.

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  • expand_less Matacryl WPM

    The Matacryl WPM system bonds with the substrate and asphalt overlay to enhance and extend bridge service life. Available in spray and manually applied grades to meet job site conditions.

    Matacryl WPM can be used on new bridge construction, routine maintenance or bridge rehabilitation where uneven or irregular surface profiles exist.

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  • expand_less Britdex MDP

    A Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) waterproofing system comprises of up to three separate environmentally friendly layers each offering different properties to the system.

    The system offers a 100% effective seamless bridge deck waterproofing membrane and the design of the system means that it is extremely durable and flexible, resulting in its suitability for application to a variety of surfaces and structures.

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Expansion Joints

  • expand_less Britflex BEJ

    The Britflex BEJ Expansion Joint is a surface mounted mechanical system, with an elastomeric insert between two metal runners or carrier rails.

    It is unique in that the rails which house the insert are set into a rapid curing elastomeric resin compound known as Britflex Resin Mortar.

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  • expand_less FEBA

    FEBA is a standard asphaltic plug joint which provides a flexible, waterproof joint with excellent ride quality for road users and noiseless characteristics for minimal impact on the environment.

    Asphaltic plug joints are recognised as being suitable for a maximum design movement of +/-20mm horizontally and +/-1.5mm vertically, and are ideal for use on bridges with low traffic volumes.

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  • expand_less Transflex

    USL Transflex bridge joints comprise of steel angles and a steel bridging plate system encased in a flexible elastomer. They are supplied in module lengths designed to be bolted to the structural concrete on either side of the expansion gap.

    A range of models are available to accommodate movement up to 330mm, providing a substantially waterproof joint and a smooth running surface.

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Anti-Carbonation & Corrosion Coatings

TREMproof WP

TREMproof WP is an elastic covering of creamy consistency, using styrene-acrylic copolymers in watery emulsion which, once dry, forms a flexible, waterproofing and durable film.

TREMproof WP is a single component ‘Ready to Use’ formulation for the protection of structural concrete.

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Grouting & Concrete Repair

  • expand_less NS Grout

    NS Grout is a pumpable, dual shrinkage compensated grout, which is self-levelling and provides extended workability when mixed and placed. It is designed to provide a high ultimate compressive strength.

    NS Grout contains only natural aggregate and an expansive cementitious binder.

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  • expand_less Euco Expan

    Euco Expan is a powdered admixture used for the compensation and total overall reduction of net shrinkage for Portland cement mortar. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and does not contain chlorides or other ingredients of a corrosive nature. Euco Expan causes the cement mortar or grout mixture, to expand before setting.

    Euco Expan is a patented special product for the grouting of loose soil formation, prestressing cables, micro-piling and cavities in rocks.

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  • expand_less Eucopatch 20

    Eucopatch 20 is a single-component, polymer modified repair mortar for use on new and existing concrete and masonry surfaces. This product is designed for the reconstruction of damaged vertical and overhead concrete and masonry structures, both interior and exterior.

    Eucopatch 20 can also be used in light-duty, pedestrian, horizontal applications.

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Bonding Agents for Precast Segments

  • expand_less Dural 100 M

    Dural 100 M is a two-component, moisture insensitive, 100% solids epoxy adhesive for use as a bonding agent for precast segmental box girders, bridge and other segmental construction. Dural 100 M is a non-sag paste.

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  • expand_less Dural 106 M

    Dural 106 M is a two-component, moisture insensitive, 100% solids epoxy adhesive for use as a bonding agent for precast segmental box girders, bridge and other segmental construction.

    Dural 106 M is a non-sag paste which provides a 6 hour contact time before joining.

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Concrete Curing

Aqua-Cure VOX

Aqua-Cure VOX is a water-based acrylic polymer curing and sealing compound. Aqua-Cure VOX is suitable for use over new and old concrete and performs well on both interior and exterior surfaces.

It enables fresh concrete to maintain adequate moisture, seals the surface, and provides an attractive sheen.

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Form Release Agents

Formshield Pure

Formshield Pure is a concrete form release agent with exceptional performance and ease of use that is unmatched by water-based form release products. Formshield Pure has a unique crystal clear formulation containing a proprietary ingredient that provides release capability superior to traditional form oils. Because it is not water-based, Formshield Pure does not require protection from freezing.

Prevents the adhesion of concrete to forms of all types.

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Surface Water Drainage Systems

PDS Systems

High strength, non-metallic, light-weight surface water drainage systems for bridges and infrastructure projects.

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