Construction Solutions for Data Centres

Operational performance and structural loading are the foremost considerations when constructing data centres and network infrastructure. The high value equipment used in these facilities make it imperative that the environment is leak-free and fire resistant to protect the high amounts of data that is stored. Together with our advanced anti-static floor coatings that help reduce the threat of electrostatic discharge (ESD), Tremco CPG has the complete floor to roof solutions to safeguard and future-proof all aspects of the facility.

Floor Solutions

  • expand_less Flowshield ESD BVG

    Flowshield ESD BVG is a self smoothing, antistatic epoxy floor coating that complies with a variety of electrical conductivity requirements, and has a vibrant, high gloss finish.

    This floor coating system is ideal for areas where conductive ESD standards are required to protect sensitive equipment.

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  • expand_less Flowshield SL

    Flowshield SL is a self smoothing epoxy coating with a seamless, high gloss finish. The system is suitable for Data Centre corridors, plant rooms, and AUH rooms due to the hard wearing and easy-to-clean nature of the finish.

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  • expand_less Flowflake Terrosso

    Flowflake Terrosso is a seamless epoxy coating with a speckled flake finish. The system provides a decorative, but functional floor finish for areas such as office spaces and staff cafeterias.

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  • expand_less Flowseal EPW (Wall)

    Flowcrete's Flowseal EPW wall sealer is a pigmented, water-based epoxy wall sealer with a satin finish. The coating product ensures all 4 walls maintain an easy to clean, non-dusting environment.

    This product is also available as a floor finish for cementitious substrates that are exposed to low levels of traffic but require a non-dusting seal.

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  • expand_less Mondéco Crystal

    Mondéco Crystal is an extremely hard wearing, but decorative epoxy terrazzo floor finish suitable for areas that need to create a good first impression, such as entrance lobbies and hallways.

    The system is fully customisable and can be produced in any colour, with patterns and even logos incorporated into the final design.

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Concrete Products

  • expand_less Euco Diamond Hard

    EUCO Diamond Hard is a liquid densifier and sealer for bare concrete. It features a unique blend of silicate and siliconate polymers that penetrate concrete surfaces and chemically react to provide an increase in surface density, durability, and abrasion resistance.

    The product is ideal to create a reliable and dust-proof floor finish below raised access flooring.

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  • expand_less Dural 340 SL

    Dural 340 SL is a two-component, 100% solids, semi-rigid epoxy joint filler for construction and control joints within concrete floors.

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  • expand_less NS Grout

    NS Grout is a pumpable, dual shrinkage compensated grout, which is self-levelling and provides extended workability when mixed and placed. It is designed to provide a high ultimate compressive strength. NS Grout contains only natural aggregate and an expansive cementitious binder.

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  • expand_less Vandex AM 10

    Vandex AM10 is a crystalline waterproofing admixture powder that provides a secondary waterproofing solution, ensuring data centres remain as watertight as possible - protecting the valuable contents within.

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  • expand_less Aqua-Cure VOX

    Aqua-Cure VOX is a water-based acrylic polymer curing and sealing compound for new and old concrete. It performs well on both interior and exterior surfaces and fresh concrete to maintain adequate moisture, seals the surface, and provides an attractive sheen.

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  • expand_less Formshield Pure

    Formshield Pure is an oil-based concrete form release agent which is easy to use and that is unmatched by water-based form release products. The form release product has a unique crystal clear formulation containing a proprietary ingredient that provides release capability superior to traditional form oils.

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Waterproofing & Roofing

  • expand_less AlphaGuard BIO

    A virtually odourless, chemically cured, aromatic/aliphatic polyurethane liquid applied roofing system distinguished by its high bio-based content. AlphaGuard BIO is ideally suited for situations that demand a high-performance roof system, but where odour is a concern.

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  • expand_less TREMproof Amphibia

    TREMproof Amphibia is a sheet applied waterproofing membrane that is self-healing, self-sealing and self-repairing for below grade foundation waterproofing applications. Ideal for data centres where it is crucial to apply a reliable barrier from moisture ingress, without the worry of accidents, such as loose nails, penetrating the system.

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  • expand_less TREMproof FBM

    A 1.2mm pre-applied, fully bonded HDPE membrane for waterproofing of all below grade concrete structures. TREMproof FBM consists of a multi-layer composite waterproofing material for superior waterproofing performance, including a layer of high-density PE film, self-adhesive polymer layer and a unique particulate layer.

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  • expand_less Vandex Super

    Vandex Super is a cementitious, ready-mixed, crystalline waterproofing compound that provides a permanent barrier for concrete structures against water ingress. Ideal as a secondary slab waterproofing solution to ensure a watertight structure that protects important electrical equipment.

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Sealants, Glazing & Façades

  • expand_less Dymonic 100

    Perfect as a durable but flexible sealant for perimeter caulking in moving joints, Dymonic 100 is a medium-modulus, low VOC, non-sag sealant with excellent UV stability. Dymonic 100 is a high performance, high movement, single component polyurethane sealant.

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  • expand_less SP 523

    illbruck SP523 is a hybrid sealant that has good adaptability to high temperature and humid environments. It is a one component, non-sagging sealant with excellent UV resistance, durability and weatherability for external facades and perimeter caulking.

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  • expand_less SG300

    A single component, neutral-cure silicone sealant suitable for 2-sided structural glazing applications. The high-modulus and outstanding physical properties of SG300 allow for sealing a wide variety of demanding applications such as structural glazing curtain walling, and joints within curtain/window systems.

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  • expand_less SG555

    SG555 is designed for use as a premium grade weather seal sealant in applications where a high degree of joint movement (+/- 50%) is anticipated such as in structurally glazed curtainwall or aluminium cladding. It can also be used in general applications such as expansion joints and external perimeter joints.

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Fire Protection

  • expand_less Nullifire SC902

    Nullifire SC902 is a fast track, on-site intumescent steel coating that provides a fire rating of up to 120 minutes. Applied on-site in one-coat, it is low VOC, and can be applied at lower temperatures and in high humidity as compared to conventional water-based fire protection.

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  • expand_less Nullifire Fire Stopping Products

    Nullifire has a wide range of fire stopping solutions to minimise the spread of fire throughout a building structure. Check out the full range here.

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