9 Mar 2021
Understanding Wind Load And Its Effect on Structural Glazing
Looking back just half a century ago, no one would believe that a building, let alone a skyscraper could be constructed using frameless glass as its entire façade. Now, modern architectural marvels...
8 Mar 2021
Tremco CPG Korea marks International Women’s Day with one-year sponsorship of sealants to ‘LIKE-US’
On 2nd March 2021, Tremco CPG Korea delivered its first batch of SG556 silicone sealants to LIKE-US, an all-female home repair service based in Seoul, Korea. Started in 2019, LIKE-US employees are...
28 Jan 2021
Tremco CPG Malaysia Surpasses 400 Days Without A Lost Time Injury
On 23rd December 2020, Tremco CPG Malaysia announced that they had achieved the milestone of more than 250,000+ manhours, or 400 days, without a lost time injury (LTI). Throughout the months prior...
19 Jan 2021
Tremco CPG Malaysia produces first batch of Nullifire SC902
After months of preparations, the first batch of Nullifire SC902 has been successfully produced for sale in the Tremco CPG Malaysia manufacturing plant. Despite delays from the COVID-19 pandemic...
31 Dec 2020
Looking Back at the Year 2020
We’re looking back at 2020 for Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG) in Asia Pacific (APAC) and it’s safe to say, it was a crazy year for us all!