Global Concern on Foodborne Illnesses

In November 2023, the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched a guide on whole genome sequencing for foodborne disease surveillance. Studies have also predicted a USD$10.4 Billion growth in the food pathogen safety testing market by 2028, highlighting global attention on preventing foodborne illnesses.

In Asia Pacific, food safety remains paramount for public health and economic stability. The region's diverse culinary landscape necessitates stringent hygiene standards, with hygienic flooring playing a pivotal role in preventing microbial contamination in food processing facilities.

Selecting flooring materials that facilitate easy cleaning and resist bacterial growth is vital in Asia Pacific's varied food processing environments. Incorporating features like non-porous surfaces and seamless transitions between floors and walls enhances cleanliness and minimizes potential breeding grounds for pathogens.

Regular cleaning schedules and maintenance routines are essential to preserve hygienic flooring integrity. Daily sanitation, supplemented by periodic deep cleaning and recoating, ensures sustained effectiveness against microbial threats. 

What is our recommended flooring solution?

Flowcrete’s Flowfresh Polyurethane flooring systems contains an antimicrobial agent that is homogenously distributed throughout the system to enhance on-site hygiene levels by actively targeting bacteria in contact with the floor.

Developed in partnership with Polygiene®, Flowfresh represents a new generation of antimicrobial flooring. Flowcrete's Flowfresh Polyurethane flooring systems complement cleaning regimes by inhibiting bacterial growth by up to 99.9%.

Natural silver is renowned for its ability to protect against bacteria, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to chemically manufactured antimicrobials. Flowcrete incorporates it into the floor in such a way that the bactericidal technology remains active for the lifetime of the coating – even when damaged or worn – unlike traditional surface treatments.

In conclusion, prioritizing hygienic flooring is imperative for maintaining food safety standards in the food industry. Solutions like Flowfresh offer a comprehensive approach to combating microbial threats, safeguarding both consumer health and business interests. By investing in innovative flooring technologies and adherence to rigorous maintenance protocols, food processors can fortify their commitment to hygiene and uphold public trust in their products.

Hell's Kitchen, LondonTH Milk Factory, Vietnam

About Flowcrete

Flowcrete is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality epoxy, polyurethane, and methyl methacrylate resin flooring, and car park coating solutions. 

As part of the Tremco Construction Products Group with operations and commercial sales offices across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa, Flowcrete draws on a wealth of knowledge and expertise that comes with over 40 years of flooring experience. And with the added backing of a major multinational manufacturing group, we are well-placed to provide the same high standard of flooring products across the globe. 

With sales offices across the Asia Pacific region, Flowcrete has built an extensive client base including Osram LED Plant, Malaysia; Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Singapore; Colgate Palmolive, Vietnam; Marine Gold, Thailand; SM Mall, Philippines; Garuda Food, Indonesia; Alexander McQueen, China, and Hong Kong International Airport, among many more.

Visit Flowcrete's website today for an array of flooring solutions.

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