May 31, 2020

Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG) has announced its formation, bringing together several leading construction product brands. The move aims to simplify the supply chain process by providing construction professionals with a one-stop-shop for high-performance construction materials for all six sides of the building.

The collaboration will make a broad portfolio of product brands available through Tremco Construction Products Group in Asia Pacific. These include Tremco, Dryvit, Nudura, Euclid Chemical, illbruck, Flowcrete, Nullifire and Vandex

With more than 30 years presence in the region, as well as manufacturing capabilities in South Korea, Malaysia and Australia, the group of brands is well experienced in catering to the local preferences of the diverse markets that are spread across Asia Pacific.

World-Leading Supplier of Construction Products

Tremco CPG has positioned itself as a world-leading supplier of complete solutions for the entire building enclosure. From the foundations and floor finishes to the protective roof system and everything in between, construction professionals can effectively design, engineer and construct superior building structures using products all from a single point of contact.

The combined strength of regional support and world-class product technology will provide customers with an understanding of international best practice and deliver quality assurance throughout the stages of the construction process.

Many of the innovative construction solutions available from Tremco CPG are developed and manufactured with the Asia Pacific market in mind, with popular European and American technologies being transferred to local production. For example, Tremco’s TREMproof 201/60, which has been applied in many large-scale projects in the region, utilises the manufacturing capacity of Tremco CPG’s facility in Kuala Lumpur to provide shorter lead times to customers.

“Tremco CPG’s edge over our competitors stems from us being a one-stop constructions solution business. This allows members of the building industry to benefit from a single source of sustainable building and construction components, thereby eliminating unnecessary time and money.

Moreover, our expanding sales support for all technologies into new geographies broadens our ability to service customers wherever they are located in Asia Pacific.”

Saptak Roy
Managing Director – Asia Pacific
Tremco Construction Products Group