January 28, 2021

On 23rd December 2020, Tremco CPG Malaysia announced that they had achieved the milestone of more than 250,000+ manhours, or 400 days, without a lost time injury (LTI).

To thank the team for their cooperation and dedication to ensuring safety in the workplace, a small, socially distant celebration took place in the vicinity. Approximately 70 staff members were treated to a lunch of local Malaysian dishes, along with a slice of Tremco chocolate cake.

Throughout the months prior, Tremco CPG Malaysia’s Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) department performed a series of initiatives to train and safeguard the welfare of staff while also increasing awareness and safety proficiency.

A tracking counter was installed in the manufacturing plant to serve as a daily reminder and goal. The counter indicates the number of days that have gone by without any injuries or accidents occurring, and it is updated automatically the next day. When, in the unfortunate scenario that an accident does happen, the counter will reset to zero.  

In addition, the team regularly conducts “Lessons Learned” sessions where EHS incidences that have happened around the world can be reviewed in finer detail. During these sessions, incident details and precautions are shared with the team and necessary Gap Analysis and actions are discussed. 

Along with the scheduled EHS briefings, in-house safety trainings have also been conducted more frequently. These training sessions cover both theoretical and practical scenarios which include management-level team members, supervisors, and shopfloor employees. Moreover, all safety regulations implemented by local authorities are adhered to according to Tremco CPG’s policies that ensure employees are not exposed to any unnecessary harm and dangers.  

“This achievement would not be possible without the full cooperation of everyone and the commitment of the EH&S team in following through with all the implemented safety guidelines and initiatives”, said Shahril Salikam, Operations Director for South East Asia. 

“We are proud to see these tangible improvements as it has clearly increased the level of trust among the staff working here and more importantly, we are able to work safely, efficiently and continuously increase our plant productivity.”