Nullifire SC804, An On-Site Water-Based Intumescent Base Coat

Nullifire SC804

An On-Site, Water-Based Intumescent Basecoat

SC804 Intumescent Basecoat is a water-based, white, thin film intumescent coating for the fire protection of internal structural steelwork. It was developed to give optimised loadings for 90 minutes, and up to 120 minutes fire resistance.

Basic Uses

SC804 is a water based intumescent coating used for internal structural steel to C1 and C2 environments. The coating can be top coated with a suitable topcoat for decorative and durability purposes. If SC804 is to be used on exterior exposed steelwork, it must be top coated prior to exposure, and care taken that no standing or pooling water is allowed to accumulate.

Provides up to 90 minutes fire protection.

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