Spectrem 900SL application
Spectrem 900SL pail
  • Spectrem 900SL application
  • Spectrem 900SL pail

Spectrem 900SL

Self-Levelling, Jet-Fuel Resistant Silicone Sealant

Spectrem 900SL is a low modulus, high performance, one-part, gun grade silicone sealant for airport pavements and highway joints.

Basic Uses

Spectrem 900SL has exceptional physical properties making it ideal for sealing the most demanding dynamically moving joints and horizontal applications. It is formulated for highway, airport, bridge joints, and parking structures where high movement occurs.

  • Is Spectrem 900SL suitable for both airport pavement and rigid road pavement application?
    Yes, Spectrem 900SL is suitable for both jet fuel resistant airport pavement application as well as for rigid road pavement use.
  • Does Spectrem 900SL need a primer?
    No, Spectrem 900SL can be applied without any primer provided the substrate is not wet and well prepared.
  • Is Spectrem 900SL a single component silicone based product?
    Yes, Spectrem 900SL is a single component self-levelling silicone sealant ideal for horizontal application such as airport and road pavements.