Torch Applied Membrane System with Mineral Slate Chips

TREMply is a heavy duty, high strength, non-woven polyester mat impgregnated and coated with a tough APP modified bitumen compound. It is surfaced with a coating of mineral slate chips which provide UV protection and makes the membrane suitable for light pedestrian maintenance traffic.

TREMply is manufactured to suit Southeast Asia climatic conditions, and temperature resistant up to 140°C. Because of its high strength, there is lesser risk of site damage. It is easy to apply in tight areas such as corners and penetrations, and is easy to maintain.

TREMply is resistant to hydrostatic pressure up to 40m of water.

Basic Uses

The TREMply torch applied membrane system is perfectly suited to waterproofing concrete roofs and decks where an exposed and light pedestrian maintenance trafficable waterproofing system is required. TREMply can be used by itself as a single layer system.

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