Emulsified Asphalt Dampproofing Compound

TREMproof® DEHYDRATINE 75 is a VOC compliant, water-based compound designed to dampproof concrete and masonry. The DEHYDRATINE formulation is derived from colloidal, seamless elastomeric asphalt-based clay emulsions, that utilise a water carrier. It can be used above and below grade.

TREMproof DEHYDRATINE 75 is highly effective and is easily applied by trowel or spray.

Basic Uses

TREMproof DEHYDRATINE 75 is an effective dampproofing product on roofing materials such as fibre glass fabric and metal (see Roofing under Application Techniques). TREMproof DEHYDRATINE 75 can be used over most metals to protect against rust and corrosion.

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