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Vulkem 801

Heavy Duty, Aluminised Coating

Vulkem® 801 is a liquid applied, one-part polyurethane coating system that has been formulated to have high tensile strength, tear strength and elongation, all in a viscosity grade that can be used horizontally and vertically.

This coating forms a tough, weather resistant, waterproof, elastomeric coating for application on decks that require a weather-resistant coating but will receive minimal abrasive wear.

Basic Uses

Vulkem 801 is suitable for application to substrates that have had loose materials completely removed and major defects repaired and leveled by conventional methods.

Vulkem 801 is also often used on tanks and ducts where a high performance protective coating is required that can handle both horizontal and vertical application. With excellent resistance to ponded water, it can be used in gutter and rainwater applications.

Vulkem 801 is often used as a repair to built-up roof decks where a temporary fix is required prior to full roof replacement. It is also used to connect inverted roof waterproofing membranes to the exposed parapet that still requires waterproofing, as it features good UV stability.

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