Matacryl is a Leading Supplier of Roller or Spray Applied Bridge Deck Waterproofing Solutions Based on PUMA Technology

Matacryl Systems are employed by partners, infrastructure owners and civil engineering experts across the globe to improve the durability, performance and service life of infrastructure assets.

Matacryl PUMA. Formulated for application like an MMA with cured performance superior to a high grade Polyurethane. This unique chemistry prevents the degradation of deck surfaces on new bridge structures and restoration projects.

With hundreds of global installations and decades of bridge deck waterproofing experience, our technical experts can design a solution matched to your project specifications.

Matacryl’s polyurethane methyl methacrylate (PUMA) technology exceeds the performance of traditional MMA as well as conventional epoxy and polyurea resins. The adhesive quality of the polymers ensures tenacious adhesion to the substrate in addition to an unbreakable chemical bond between coats. That same bonding chemistry creates a very forgiving membrane that is easy to repair. 

Together, the combination of polyurethane and methyl methacrylate delivers a superior, high-wear waterproofing system that delivers long-term performance by protecting the substrate from the extreme weather, chlorides, de-icing salts, chemicals, gasoline and oils. Matacryl systems deliver quick cure time in extreme cold temperatures and rain resistance in 60 minutes.

Matacryl is a USL Group brand, marketed by Tremco Construction Products Group across Asia Pacific.

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