NewBrick is the Biggest Innovation in Brick with Lighter Weight, Higher Strength, Greater Customisability and Simpler Ease of Use

NewBrick is a lightweight insulated brick that matches the size, appearance and texture of clay, providing a higher-performing alternative to traditional clay brick veneers.

More durable than traditional brick, NewBrick offers a superior cladding solution that reduces overall wall cost and accelerates the dry-in process.

NewBrick’s light weight, strength, customisability, and ease of use make it a particularly appealing way to integrate the beauty and durability of brick into building projects.

NewBrick's Extensive Track Record

A Whole Wall System
 Air. Water. Vapour. Thermal. As part of the whole wall system, NewBrick can include all 4 barriers when used with a Dryvit Outsulation system with a single-source install and whole wall warranty.

Faster Shell Dry-In
A quicker whole wall installation means earlier shell dry-in for the building, so interior work can begin up to ten weeks ahead of schedule.

Impact Resistant
NewBrick stands up to everyday impacts -- passing a Gardner Impact test at 48 in/lb with barely a mark while traditional brick broke in half.

Eliminates Supports
By eliminating the cost and labour for anchors, bearing shelf angles, brick ties, mortar nets and AWRB penetrations, NewBrick saves money on wall construction.

At a fraction the weight, NewBrick cuts freight costs significantly — and is easier to handle on site, eliminating the daily need for a telehandler and additional labour to move brick on the scaffold.

Safer Jobsites
NewBrick reduces exertion and the potential for injury to workers, and also helps to minimise jobsite mishaps and material waste.

Versatile Design Capability for Any Project
NewBrick is available in 16 standard colours to create building asethetics that run from traditional to modern. Custom colours and blends are available to tailor your project’s specifications.

Custom Blends, Textures, Effects and Sizes
NewBrick is available in four standard blends, four textures and three effects to give you maximum control of your building’s look and feel. Or, create your own custom blend to bring your vision to life.

Types and Sizes
NewBrick is available in four popular sizes — Modular, Utility, Economy and Norman. Please refer to Tremco Technical Services for dimensions and further technical details.

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