Pitchmastic PmB is a Market Leader in Spray Applied Waterproofing for Large Scale Infrastructure Projects

Pitchmastic PmB systems are designed to form a flexible, chemically resistant seamless membrane tough enough to outlast the design of many structures.

Pitchmastic PmB's systems provide exceptional bond strength to all commonly used substrates, has excellent crack bridging capability, a life expectancy in excess of 30 years and holds British Board of Agrément approval.

Tested and approved throughout the world to the highest standards, the PmB system now adds the United Kingdom's Network Rail and London Underground (LUL) approvals to its ever growing list of accreditations.

Suitable for use on bridges, culverts and tunnels, Pitchmastic PmB systems provide rapidly curing, seamless, spray applied membranes with excellent crack-bridging properties and an long global track record.

Pitchmastic PmB is a USL Group brand, marketed by Tremco Construction Products Group across Asia Pacific.

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Discover the Pitchmastic PmB spray-applied, seamless bridge deck waterproofing solution. Tested and approved throughout the world to the highest standards, the PmB system has an excellent global track record, having been installed across numerous large bridges.

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