Prime Resins is a Leading Manufacturer of Chemical Grouts, Foams, Adhesives and Coatings for Infrastructure Repair and Protection

Prime Resins is a leading manufacturer of chemical grouts, foams, adhesives and coatings for infrastructure repair and protection. We provide solutions for problems in structural repair, leak sealing, coating/lining, slab lifting, and soil stabilisation.

Prime Resins pioneered the use of polyurethane resins for sealing cracks in concrete and helped build that market segment. We were also the first to package polyurethane grouts in an easy-to-use Quick-Mix cartridge system over 30 years ago.

Prime Resins is focused on providing solutions to infrastructure repair problems. We are here to help you identify the best approach for your job. Our clients range from multinational engineering firms to independent contractors. We have customers, dealers, and distributors across North America and around the world. You'll see why specifying engineers, contractors, companies and government agencies choose to work with us again and again.

Prime Resins is a USL Group brand, marketed by Tremco Construction Products Group across Asia Pacific.

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