Vandex Provides Cementitious Waterproofing Products that provide Protection and Repair

With an impressive track record of successfully completed waterproofing jobs ranging from preventive work in new construction to complex troubleshooting in existing structures carried out over half a century, Vandex has gained worldwide recognition not only as a technology inventor but also as a reliable partner.

As part of Tremco Construction Products Group, Vandex solutions provide integral and surface waterproofing properties to protect structures from the ingress of water. This offers peace-of-mind for our customers who require solutions that last the lifetime of the building.

Vandex's products are developed and produced with regard for the environment and take current ecological trends into account. The safety aspects involved in production, handling, transportation, and application of Vandex products are also of great importance to the company.

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Selecting the right Concrete Waterproofing solutions for your project, ensuring for overall success.

On-site conditions always vary, presenting challenges on the job. Tremco's technical field sales representatives can work with installers and applicators to provide an appropriate solution.

Our technical field sales representatives are glad to provide project references for preview.

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