A close up of the expansion joint system on a highway, Britflex NJ

Britflex NJ

A Surface Mounted Nosing Joint For Bridge Decks And Motorways

The NJ expansion joint is a surface mounted nosing joint with an elastomeric compound known as Britdex Resin Mortar. The NJ system is approved in accordance with CD357 standard. Unlike the BEJ system, the NJ system can only be used in the situation where the open gap at carriageway level does not exceed 65mm (N.B for U.K. only).

Basic Uses

The NJ joint is ideally suited for maintenance schemes and has been developed to provide a whole life economic solution for applications where previously asphaltic plug joints have always been considered and can be installed to the full depth of the surfacing.

​​​​Technical data sheets available upon request. Please contact your local Tremco CPG office here.