illbruck SP523, A Hybrid Sealant for Facades

illbruck SP523

Pemium Hybrid Sealant 

SP523 is a one component, non-sagging sealant based on hybrid polymers. It has high adaptability to high temperature and humid environments, as well as excellent UV resistance, durability and weatherability.

Basic Uses

SP523 is recommended for construction sealing such as joints in façades, rain screens and curtain walls; perimeter joints around windows, doors and rooflights; and high movement joints. It can be used for indoor, outdoor and cleanroom applications.

  • What colours does SP523 come in?
    White, Grey, and Black. Colour customisation is available upon request.
  • Is SP523 environmentally-friendly?
    Yes, SP523 has attained 3 Ticks from the Singapore Green Building Coucil. As a solvent and isocyanate free hybrid sealant, SP523 is suitable for clean room, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical applications.

Sealant Calculator

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