A close up of the expansion joint system on a highway, T-Mat expansion joint

T-Mat Expansion Joint

A Solid Armoured Expansion Mat For Bridge Decks And Motorways

The T-Mat expansion joint consists of a solid armoured expansion mat made of a high quality chloroprene with metal reinforcements (T-bars).

The internal design of the expansion joint is such that due to the discontinuous steel reinforcement combined with the elasticity of the material (chloroprene), the expansion joint will not only allow for horizontal movement on either side of the joint but will also allow for transverse and vertical relative movements of adjacent bridge decks.

Basic Uses

Key Features:

  • For longitudinal movements from +/- 15 (T30) up to +/- 130 (T260)
  • Impervious to deep standing water
  • Low noise - ideal near residential properties


  • Motorways
  • Rail & road bridges
  • Primary/secondary roads
  • Pedestrian walkways

​​​​Technical data sheets available upon request. Please contact your local Tremco CPG office here.
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