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Fire Protection What is the role of Fire Compartmentalisation and how is it done? By: Tremco CPG Marketing
Published: 18/10/2021

One of the fundamentals of passive fire protection is the compartmentalisation of buildings. To impede the spread of fire and smoke within a building, we must compartmentalize the spaces...

Fire Protection What is the difference between "Reaction to Fire" vs "Resistance to Fire"? By: Tremco CPG Marketing
Published: 12/10/2021

Whether you’re a contractor, engineer, architect, or simply finding out more information on the subject, the two terms can often be confusing. However, there is an important distinction...

Fire Protection Different Types Of Intumescent Coatings And Their Benefits By: Tremco CPG Marketing
Published: 07/05/2021

There are a couple of ways to fireproof a building and normally they are mentioned as active fire protection and passive fire protection. While active fire protection requires a trigger...

Fire Protection Understanding Firestopping and Fire Protection By: Tremco CPG Marketing
Published: 08/06/2020

Firestopping and fire protection are different forms of passive fire protection for a building structure. Passive fire protection performs a compartmentalising role in the event...

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