Workers applying AlphaGuard BIO Top Coat

AlphaGuard BIO Top Coat

High Performance, Two-Part, Bio-Based Polyurethane Top Coat

The AlphaGuard® BIO Top Coat is a two-part, bio-based, polyurethane roof coating.

Basic Uses

The AlphaGuard BIO Top Coat can be used in a variety of projects, including roof restoration, approved recover and new construction assemblies, IRMA and vegetative roof systems. AlphaGuard BIO Top Coat is used as a surfacing over AlphaGuard BIO Base Coat and reinforcement.

  • How does the cost of the AlphaGuard BIO system compare to other roofing systems?
    This cost-effective solution can save up to 60% versus the cost of replacement and maximize the customer’s ROI by extending the life of your existing roof.
  • Why is the seamless design of the AlphaGuard BIO system so important?
    The seamless design eliminates the primary cause of most reported roof leaks which typically occur at roof laps, flashings, and penetrations.
  • Is AlphaGuard BIO a sustainable roofing option?
    Yes, AlphaGuard BIO offers sustainable benefits in a number of facets. AlphaGuard BIO components are formulated with 60-70% rapidly renewable bio-content making it an eco-friendly alternative. Its reflective white top coat lowers rooftop temperatures which can reduce energy consumption and the Heat Island Effect. Using AlphaGuard BIO to restore an existing roofing system significantly reduces landfill waste when compared to other roofing systems. At the end of its service life AlphaGuard BIO can offer recoat options, allowing the customer to continue to extend the life of their existing roof.
  • How will the installation of the AlphaGuard BIO system impact day-to-day facility operations?
    AlphaGuard BIO requires minimal equipment, reduced crew sizes, and a smaller overall footprint on a jobsite resulting in less impact to a facility. It is a virtually odorless product, eliminating the potential for odor-based issues with building occupants. Restoration significantly reduces the need for removal of roofing components which opens the roof to the elements during the process.
  • How does the AlphaGuard BIO system help reduce energy?
    The highly reflective white topcoats of the AlphaGuard BIO system can significantly lower rooftop temperatures and reduce the Heat Island Effect. This helps to keep building interiors cooler and more comfortable, leading to a potential reduction in the amount of energy that a facility uses.
  • What is the warranty period for a roof restoration using the AlphaGuard BIO system?
    When installed properly by trained applicators, the AlphaGuard BIO system provides customers with a 20-year warranty. Customers also have an option to recoat if they want to extend the roof’s life by another 10 years.